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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.19,2022* Centrum Finansowe Banku BPS
May.19,2022* Cerealcom
May.19,2022* Ceylon Grain Elevators in (LK)
May.19,2022* China Everbright Bank
May.19,2022* Civeo
May.19,2022* Collegium Pharmaceutical
May.19,2022* Commercial Vehicle Group in Albany (US)
May.19,2022* Covenant Transportation Group in Chattanooga (US)
May.19,2022* Diaceutics
May.19,2022* Distribution Finance Capital Holdings
May.19,2022* Elana Agrocredit AD Sofia
May.19,2022* FB Financial
May.19,2022* Filtrona in (UK)
May.19,2022 Finatis in Paris (FR)
May.19,2022* First Midwest Bancorp
May.19,2022* Fks Multi Agro Tbk in (ID)
May.19,2022* Flying Brands in (UK)
May.19,2022* Gamma Logistics
May.19,2022* GMK Noril'skiy nikel' in (RU)
May.19,2022* GOGO Lead Tech publ
May.19,2022* Gomero Group
May.19,2022* Green Landscaping Holding AB (publ)
May.19,2022* Headlam Group in (UK)
May.19,2022* iApotek Int
May.19,2022* Infotel in (FR)
May.19,2022* Irish Residential Properties
May.19,2022* Kentima Holding publ
May.19,2022* Klanica so Ladilnik AD Strumica
May.19,2022* Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd in (MY)
May.19,2022* Kraton Performance Polymers in Houston (US)
May.19,2022 LEG Immobilien in Duesseldorf (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.19,2022* Mastec in Coral Gables (US)
May.19,2022* MCPHY Energy
May.19,2022* Mersen in (FR)
May.19,2022* Metallvarden i Sverige publ in (SE)
May.19,2022* Nrj Group in (FR)
May.19,2022* Orion Marine Group
May.19,2022* Parkson Retail Group
May.19,2022* Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
May.19,2022 Pfeiffer Vacuum in Frankfurt (DE)
May.19,2022* PG&E
May.19,2022* Plains GP Holdings LP
May.19,2022* ProQR Therapeutics BV
May.19,2022* PSI fuer Produkte und Systeme der Informationstechnologie in (DE)
May.19,2022* PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk
May.19,2022* Quart Development
May.19,2022* R Systems International in (IN)
May.19,2022* Renergetica
May.19,2022* Rigel Pharmaceuticals
May.19,2022* Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income
May.19,2022* Severnav in (RO)
May.19,2022* Springworks Therapeutics
May.19,2022* Standard Motor Products
May.19,2022* Sterling Bancorp in (US)
May.19,2022* Strongbow Exploration
May.19,2022* Sugi Holdings in (JP)
May.19,2022* SWW Energy
May.19,2022* Tethys Oil in (SE)
May.19,2022* Three Acre Farms
May.19,2022* Timah Resources
May.19,2022* Tyman (former: Lupus Capital) in London (UK)
May.19,2022* Tyumenneftekomplektservis in (RU)
May.19,2022* United International Enterprises in (DK)
May.19,2022* Valora Effekten Handel in Ettlingen (DE)
May.19,2022* Vassilico Cement Works Public in (CY)
May.19,2022* Verici Dx
May.19,2022* Vetoquinol in Stasbourg (FR)
May.19,2022* Vitaminka AD Prilep
May.19,2022* Westag & Getalit in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck (DE)
May.19,2022* Western Securities
May.19,2022 ZARDOYA OTIS in (ES)
May.19,2022* ZAS AD Skopje
May.19,2022* Zooplus in Munich (DE)
May.19,2022* Zynga
May.20,2022* 28.1 JSC
May.20,2022* 4Mobility
May.20,2022* 888 Holdings in (UK)
May.20,2022* AAG Energy
May.20,2022* Accentis
May.20,2022 accor in Paris (FR)
May.20,2022* Acer Therapeutics
May.20,2022* AdociaS
May.20,2022* Adval Tech Holding in (CH)
May.20,2022* Advanced Stabilized Technologies Group
May.20,2022* Aeon Credit Service in Kuala Lumpur (MY)
May.20,2022* Aeon Mall in (JP)
May.20,2022* Agram dd Ljubuski
May.20,2022* Ajisen (China) Holdings in (CN)
May.20,2022* AKM Industrial in (HK)
May.20,2022* Albany International
May.20,2022* American Public Education in Charles Town (US)
May.20,2022* AMP
May.20,2022* Anhui Expressway in (CN)
May.20,2022* Apricus Biosciences
May.20,2022* Arpico Insurance
May.20,2022* Asia Financial Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.20,2022* Asure Software
May.20,2022* Atlantic Capital Bancshares in Atlanta (US)
May.20,2022* Atrion in (IL)
May.20,2022* AudioEye
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