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Sep.01,2015* SLC Agricola in (BR)
Sep.01,2015* Sustainable Forest Holdings in (HK)
Sep.01,2015* Synertone Communication
Sep.01,2015* Tai Cheung Holdings
Sep.01,2015* Virtusa
Sep.02,2015* Ashtead Group in (UK)
Sep.02,2015* Asia Orient Holdings in (HK)
Sep.02,2015* Asia Standard Hotel Group in (HK)
Sep.02,2015* Asia Standard International Group in (HK)
Sep.02,2015* Astrazeneca Pharma India in (IN)
Sep.02,2015* Aviva Sigorta AS in (TR)
Sep.02,2015* Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk
Sep.02,2015* China Public Healthcare (Holding) in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.02,2015* China Water Affairs Group
Sep.02,2015* Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk in (ID)
Sep.02,2015* Diotek
Sep.02,2015* E Bon Holdings in (HK)
Sep.02,2015* Gefen Biomed Investments in (IL)
Sep.02,2015* GK Rollman
Sep.02,2015* Hong Kong Finance Group
Sep.02,2015* Interchina Holdings in (HK)
Sep.02,2015* Interpipe Novomoskovs'kyi Trubnyi Zavod PAT
Sep.02,2015* Lk Technology Holdings in (HK)
Sep.02,2015* Plasto Sac in (IL)
Sep.02,2015* Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex)
Sep.02,2015* Starlight International Holdings
Sep.02,2015* Super Group in (ZA)
Sep.02,2015* Ust'-Kamenogorskiy titano-magnievyi kombinat AO in (RU)
Sep.02,2015* Veeko International Holdings
Sep.03,2015* American Science And Engineering
Sep.03,2015* BGI Investments (1961) in (IL)
Sep.03,2015* Bharat Electronics in (IN)
Sep.03,2015* BNR Udyog
Sep.03,2015* Burcon Nutrascience in (CA)
Sep.03,2015* Carclo in (UK)
Sep.03,2015* Daejan Holdings in (UK)
Sep.03,2015* Daktronics
Sep.03,2015* Dart Group in (UK)
Sep.03,2015* Dexia Israel Bank in (IL)
Sep.03,2015* Emami Infrastructure
Sep.03,2015* Fortressome Fund in (ZA)
Sep.03,2015* Gemvax & Kael in (KR)
Sep.03,2015* Gillanders Arbuthnot And
Sep.03,2015* Guild Acquisitions
Sep.03,2015* Jubilant Foodworks
Sep.03,2015* Lakshmi Vilas Bank in (IN)
Sep.03,2015* Maayan Ventures in (IL)
Sep.03,2015* Minrav Holdings in (IL)
Sep.03,2015* National International Holding KSCC in (KW)
Sep.03,2015* NLB razvojna banka ad Banja Luka
Sep.03,2015* Ob''yedinennye Kreditnye Sistemy
Sep.03,2015* Orsknefteorgsintez in (RU)
Sep.03,2015* Red Star Express
Sep.03,2015* Saf Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi AS in (TR)
Sep.03,2015* Safaricom in (KE)
Sep.03,2015 Schlumberger AG in Baden (AT)
Sep.03,2015* Schlumberger in Curacao (CW)
Sep.03,2015* Shapir Engineering and Industry
Sep.03,2015* Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in (IL)
Sep.03,2015* Trimegah Securities Tbk in (ID)
Sep.03,2015* Tyazhmash
Sep.03,2015* U Dori Group in (IL)
Sep.03,2015* V22
Sep.03,2015* Wai Chun Group Holdings in (HK)
Sep.04,2015* Bank Portal PAT
Sep.04,2015* ChanCo International Group in (HK)
Sep.04,2015* China Solar Energy Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.04,2015* Container of India in (IN)
Sep.04,2015* Cyprus Limni Resorts and GolfCourses
Sep.04,2015 Dassault Systemes in Paris (FR)
Sep.04,2015* Dore Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Sep.04,2015* Dzherelo Strakhuvannia PAT
Sep.04,2015* E-Corea Real Estate Investment Trusts Co
Sep.04,2015* E-Star Alternativ in (HU)
Sep.04,2015* Econo Trade India
Sep.04,2015* Ecopetrol in Bogota (CO)
Sep.04,2015* Hanny Holdings
Sep.04,2015* Ilirija doo in (HR)
Sep.04,2015* Interpipe NTZ PAT
Sep.04,2015* Invicta Holdings in (ZA)
Sep.04,2015* Jahorina Osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group ad Pale
Sep.04,2015* JK Agri Genetics
Sep.04,2015* Khreschatyk PAT
Sep.04,2015* Latchways in (UK)
Sep.04,2015* Luka Dunav ad Pancevo in (RS)
Sep.04,2015* Luzhskiy abrazivnyi zavod in (RU)
Sep.04,2015* Lypsa Gems + Jewellery
Sep.04,2015* Maruti Suzuki India in New Dehli (IN)
Sep.04,2015* Mecelec in (FR)
Sep.04,2015* National Steel and Agro Industries
Sep.04,2015* NetEase.com in (US)
Sep.04,2015* Pradeep Metals
Sep.04,2015* RiTE Gacko ad Gacko
Sep.04,2015* Siberian Mining Group in (HK)
Sep.04,2015* Simplex Infrastructures in (IN)
Sep.04,2015* Solar Industries India in (IN)
Sep.04,2015* Somany Ceramics
Sep.04,2015* Spectra Industries in (IN)
Sep.04,2015* Star Sanitaryware
Sep.04,2015* Tatnefteprom in (RU)
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