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May.29,2015* Yuexiu Property in Hongkong (HK)
May.29,2015* Yuhwa Securities in (KR)
May.29,2015* Yuyu Pharma in (KR)
May.29,2015* Zall Development (Cayman)
May.29,2015* Zavod imeni IA Likhacheva in (RU)
May.29,2015* Zhejiang Beingmate Scientific-IndustrialTrade Share in (CN)
May.29,2015* Zhengye International Holdings Co
May.30,2015* Agio Paper and Industries
May.30,2015* Amwal Invest in (JO)
May.30,2015* Arab Dairy Products in (EG)
May.30,2015* C Joint Stock
May.30,2015* Cuu Long Petro Urban Development and Investment
May.30,2015* Egyptians for Investment and Urban Development SAE in (EG)
May.30,2015* Gopeng Bhd in (MY)
May.30,2015* Gosa Montaza ad Velika Plana in (RS)
May.30,2015* Manhattan Residence AO in (KZ)
May.30,2015* Manufacture de Panneaux Bois du Sud in (TN)
May.30,2015* Nam Viet in (VN)
May.30,2015* Neptun in (RO)
May.30,2015* Nicolas Miguet Et Associes in (FR)
May.30,2015* Oranzerii AD Hamzali
May.30,2015* Perla Covasnei
May.30,2015* Punj Lloyd in (IN)
May.30,2015* Thuduc Electro-Mechanical Joint Stock
May.31,2015* Agri Invest in (IL)
May.31,2015* Al Arafa for Investment and Consultancies SAE in (EG)
May.31,2015* Al Madina for Finance and Investment KSCC in Safat (KW)
May.31,2015* BioLine Rx in (IL)
May.31,2015* Danah Al Safat Foodstuff KSC in Safat (KW)
May.31,2015* EFG Hermes HoldingE in (EG)
May.31,2015* Global Bio Chem Technology Group in Hongkong (HK)
May.31,2015* IDI Insurance Company
May.31,2015* Maayan Ventures in (IL)
May.31,2015* Modiin Energy Partnership in (IL)
May.31,2015* National Steel Industry in (JO)
May.31,2015* Oman International Development and InvestmentOG
May.31,2015* Prashkovsky Investments andnstruction
May.31,2015* United Group Holdings Co in (JO)
May.31,2015* Yaad Industrial Representation in (IL)
Jun.01,2015* Al Dar National Real Estate KSCC
Jun.01,2015* Albaad Massuot Yitzhak in (IL)
Jun.01,2015* Altice in Luxembourg (LU)
Jun.01,2015 american water works in (US)
Jun.01,2015* Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Arista Networks
Jun.01,2015* Arthur J. Gallagher &
Jun.01,2015* Automated Systems KSCC in (KW)
Jun.01,2015* Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie
Jun.01,2015* Beijing Urbannstruction Investment & Development in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Big 5 Sporting Goods
Jun.01,2015* Blue Square Real Estate in (IL)
Jun.01,2015* Bupa Arabia foroperative Insurance in (SA)
Jun.01,2015* Carbonite
Jun.01,2015* Castlight Health
Jun.01,2015* Central European Media Enterprises in (US)
Jun.01,2015* Changjiang Securities in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* China Outdoor Media Group in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.01,2015* China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings
Jun.01,2015* China Ruifeng Renewable Energy Holdings
Jun.01,2015* China Tycoon Beverage Holdings
Jun.01,2015* China Yunnan Tin Minerals Group
Jun.01,2015* Chinney Alliance Group in (HK)
Jun.01,2015* Cogobuy Group
Jun.01,2015* Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles in (ES)
Jun.01,2015* Construction And Infrastructure Development Joint Stock in (VN)
Jun.01,2015* Dealertrack Hldg
Jun.01,2015* Development Credit Bank in (IN)
Jun.01,2015* Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology Co in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Dongyue Group
Jun.01,2015* Ebro Foods in (ES)
Jun.01,2015* Electransumer Products in (IL)
Jun.01,2015* Euromoney Institutional Investor in (UK)
Jun.01,2015* ExamWorks Group
Jun.01,2015* Fransabank Syria in (SY)
Jun.01,2015* Fujian Qingshan Paper Industry Co in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Gohigh Data Networks Technology in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Gor'kovskiy zavod apparatury svyazi im. A.S. Popova in (RU)
Jun.01,2015* GR Properties
Jun.01,2015* Gree Electric Appliances of Zhuhai in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Grupa Lotos in (PL)
Jun.01,2015* Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Guangdong Shirongzhaoye in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Guangnan (Holdings) in (HK)
Jun.01,2015* Guizhou Guochuang Energy Holding Group Co
Jun.01,2015* GWG Holdings
Jun.01,2015* Hangzhou Century
Jun.01,2015* Henan Pinggao Electric in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* High in (FR)
Jun.01,2015* Hop Hing Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.01,2015* Hospitality Properties Trust
Jun.01,2015* Hung Hing Printing Group in Hongkong (HK)
Jun.01,2015* IMAX
Jun.01,2015* IPC The Hospitalist
Jun.01,2015* Irkutsk Open Joint Stock For Energy And Electrification in (RU)
Jun.01,2015* Istar Financial
Jun.01,2015* Ixia
Jun.01,2015* Ja Solar Holdings in (CN)
Jun.01,2015* Kinetic Mines and Energy
Jun.01,2015* Kiu Hung Energy Holdings in (HK)
Jun.01,2015* Leapfrog Enterprises
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