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Nov.26,2014* Poseidon Nickel
Nov.26,2014* Potash West NL
Nov.26,2014* PRIMAG in (D)
Nov.26,2014* Probiotec in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Productos EFE
Nov.26,2014* Protasco Bhd in (MY)
Nov.26,2014* Pure Wafer in (UK)
Nov.26,2014* Quantum Resources
Nov.26,2014* Redhill Education
Nov.26,2014* Regenersis in (UK)
Nov.26,2014* Rethink Group
Nov.26,2014* Richmond Mining
Nov.26,2014* RKSnsolidated in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Rockingham Community Financial Services
Nov.26,2014 Safran in Paris (FR)
Nov.26,2014* Sanyo Housing Nagoya in (JP)
Nov.26,2014* Saracen Mineral Holdings
Nov.26,2014* SAVE in (IT)
Nov.26,2014* Segue Resources
Nov.26,2014* Seymour Whyte
Nov.26,2014* Shandong Liaherd Chemical Industry in (CN)
Nov.26,2014* Shanghai Zhixin Electric in (CN)
Nov.26,2014* Sino-Thai Resources Development in (TH)
Nov.26,2014* Societatea de Constructii in Transporturi Bucuresti in (RO)
Nov.26,2014* Somnomed in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Sotsu in (JP)
Nov.26,2014* Sprint Energy in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Stanmoreal
Nov.26,2014* Stonehenge Metals
Nov.26,2014* Stratatel in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Talga Gold
Nov.26,2014* Tanami Gold NL in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* TCL in (CN)
Nov.26,2014* Technical Publications in (GR)
Nov.26,2014* Teo Guan Lee Bhd in (MY)
Nov.26,2014* Tetsujin in (JP)
Nov.26,2014* Titan Energy in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Titan Energy Services
Nov.26,2014* Tongala + District Financial Services in Tongala (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Top End Minerals
Nov.26,2014 Toro Energy in Dulwich West Perth (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Torrens Energy
Nov.26,2014* Tourism Holdinds
Nov.26,2014* Transmetro
Nov.26,2014* Triangle Energy Global in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Trinity Group
Nov.26,2014* Tungsten Mining NL
Nov.26,2014* UBM in (UK)
Nov.26,2014* UIL Energy
Nov.26,2014* Uranium Equities
Nov.26,2014* Uscom in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Victoria Oil and Gas in (BR)
Nov.26,2014* Vital Metals
Nov.26,2014* Watts in (JP)
Nov.26,2014* Webjet in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* West Holdings in (JP)
Nov.26,2014* West Wits Mining
Nov.26,2014* WHL Energy in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Wilson HTM Investment Group
Nov.26,2014* Windflow Technology in (NZ)
Nov.26,2014* Windimurra Vanadium in (AU)
Nov.26,2014* Woolworths Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.26,2014* Wooyang HC Co
Nov.26,2014* Wpg Resources
Nov.26,2014* Yellow Rock Resources
Nov.27,2014* 1300 Smiles
Nov.27,2014* 8Common
Nov.27,2014* AAQ Holdings in (AU)
Nov.27,2014* Acclaim Exploration NL
Nov.27,2014* Acrodea in (JP)
Nov.27,2014* Advanced Braking Technology
Nov.27,2014* Advanced Healthcare
Nov.27,2014* Aeris Environmental
Nov.27,2014* African Energy Resources
Nov.27,2014* AG Financial
Nov.27,2014* Alicanto Minerals
Nov.27,2014* Allocate Software in (UK)
Nov.27,2014* Altura Mining
Nov.27,2014* Amex Resources in (AU)
Nov.27,2014* Analytica
Nov.27,2014* ANAP
Nov.27,2014* Anova Metals
Nov.27,2014* Antaria in (AU)
Nov.27,2014* Apollo Minerals
Nov.27,2014* Argent Minerals in (AU)
Nov.27,2014* Aryt Industries in (IL)
Nov.27,2014* ASAHI KAGAKU KOGYO CO in (JP)
Nov.27,2014* Ascot Resources
Nov.27,2014* ASF Group
Nov.27,2014* Ashtrom Group
Nov.27,2014* Asia Pacific No 15 Ship Investment in (KR)
Nov.27,2014* Asia Pacific No 2 Ship Investment in (KR)
Nov.27,2014* Asia Pacific No 3 Ship Investment in (KR)
Nov.27,2014* Asia Pacific No 8 Ship Investment in (KR)
Nov.27,2014* Asia Pacific No4 Ship Investment in (KR)
Nov.27,2014* Augur Resources in (AU)
Nov.27,2014* Auroch Minerals NL
Nov.27,2014* Australasian Resources
Nov.27,2014* Australian American Mining
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