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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Oct.23,2014* Formuepleje Epikur in (DK)
Oct.23,2014* Formuepleje Merkur in (DK)
Oct.23,2014* Formuepleje Penta in (DK)
Oct.23,2014* Fremantle Community Financial Services
Oct.23,2014* Gohigh Data Networks Technology in (CN)
Oct.23,2014* Guangdong Dongyangguang Aluminum in (CN)
Oct.23,2014* Guangzhou R&F Properties
Oct.23,2014* Hai Leck Holdings
Oct.23,2014* Intandem Films
Oct.23,2014* Inypsa Informes y Proyectos in (ES)
Oct.23,2014* K-Electric
Oct.23,2014* Kaluzhskiy turbinnyi zavod in (RU)
Oct.23,2014* KIEP PAT
Oct.23,2014* Kilburn Office Automation
Oct.23,2014* Kingwell Group
Oct.23,2014* LEYDEN y FIC
Oct.23,2014* Maman Cargo Terminals + Handling in (IL)
Oct.23,2014* NetSol Technologies
Oct.23,2014* Nexe Grupa
Oct.23,2014* Northeast Securities in (CN)
Oct.23,2014* Palram Industries 1990 in (IL)
Oct.23,2014* Panterra Gold
Oct.23,2014* Pesquera ExalmarA in (PE)
Oct.23,2014* Photo-Me International P L C in (UK)
Oct.23,2014* Polyram (1999) in (IL)
Oct.23,2014* Port of Tauranga in (NZ)
Oct.23,2014* Premium Textile Mills
Oct.23,2014* PRESS METAL BHD in (MY)
Oct.23,2014* ReadSoft in (SE)
Oct.23,2014* Resourcesnnection
Oct.23,2014* River and Mercantile Group
Oct.23,2014* Rosslyn Data Technologies
Oct.23,2014* Royal Wolf Holdings
Oct.23,2014* Ruitai Materials Technology in (CN)
Oct.23,2014* Sayona Mining in (AU)
Oct.23,2014* Securinfor in (FR)
Oct.23,2014* Sentula Mining in (ZA)
Oct.23,2014* Shinwha Intertek
Oct.23,2014* Sino Hotels (Holdings) in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.23,2014* Sino Land in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.23,2014* Skilled Group in (AU)
Oct.23,2014* Societe Tunisienne de Banque STB in (TN)
Oct.23,2014* Suncorp Group in Brisbane (AU)
Oct.23,2014* The Gold Bond Group in (IL)
Oct.23,2014* Toll Holdings in (AU)
Oct.23,2014* Tsim Sha Tsui Properties in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.23,2014* Unlimited Creativity Holdings
Oct.23,2014* Viborg Haandbold Klub in Viborg (DK)
Oct.23,2014* Vita Group in (AU)
Oct.23,2014* Vjesnik
Oct.23,2014* Vozrozhdeniye Bank in (RU)
Oct.23,2014* Watpac in (AU)
Oct.23,2014* Western Mining Network
Oct.23,2014* Xiaoxiao Education
Oct.23,2014* Zijin Mining Group in (CN)
Oct.24,2014* 800 Super Holdings
Oct.24,2014* Aarhus Elite in (DK)
Oct.24,2014* Aba Chemicals
Oct.24,2014* Aedifica in Brussels (BE)
Oct.24,2014* Alpha MOS in (FR)
Oct.24,2014* Asian Micro Holdings
Oct.24,2014* Ayesha Textile Mills
Oct.24,2014* Bank of Africate d'Ivoire
Oct.24,2014* Banque Europeenne Pour Le Moyen OrientL
Oct.24,2014* Bel' Shostka Ukraina PAT in (UA)
Oct.24,2014* Bene in (AT)
Oct.24,2014* Biosino Bio Technology And Scienceorporation in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.24,2014* Biovet AD Peshtera
Oct.24,2014* C&S Paper in (CN)
Oct.24,2014* Carsales.Com
Oct.24,2014* Cellnet Group
Oct.24,2014* Centillion Environment and Recycling
Oct.24,2014* China Merchants Property Development in (CN)
Oct.24,2014* China Yuanbang Property Holdings in (CN)
Oct.24,2014* Chornobaivs'ke PAT
Oct.24,2014* Chuan Hup Holdings in (SG)
Oct.24,2014* Companhia Energetica de Brasilia CEB in (BR)
Oct.24,2014* Dalian East New Energy Development in (CN)
Oct.24,2014* Dechra Pharmaceuticals in Lostock Grala (UK)
Oct.24,2014* Dongbu CNI in (KR)
Oct.24,2014* Dongyang Mechatronics in (KR)
Oct.24,2014* Dore Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.24,2014* Econtext Asia
Oct.24,2014* Elektrodistribucija ad Pale
Oct.24,2014* Empresa de Generacion Electrica San Gaban in (PE)
Oct.24,2014* Equity Trustees in (AU)
Oct.24,2014* Ferozsons Laboratries
Oct.24,2014* Figeac Aero
Oct.24,2014* Foxconn International Holdings in Shenzen (CN)
Oct.24,2014* Galleon Holdings in (UK)
Oct.24,2014* GCP Student Living
Oct.24,2014* GenVec
Oct.24,2014* Go Ahead Group in London (UK)
Oct.24,2014* Greenko Group
Oct.24,2014* Guangdong Taicheng Pharm
Oct.24,2014* GWA Group in (AU)
Oct.24,2014* Harbin Gloria Pharmaceuticals in (CN)
Oct.24,2014* Hargreaves Lansdown in (UK)
Oct.24,2014* Harris
Oct.24,2014* Hong Leong Bank Bhd in (MY)
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