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Oct.25,2014* Elahi Cotton Mills
Oct.25,2014* Gruppa Kompaniy PIK in (RU)
Oct.25,2014* Ittihad Schools in (JO)
Oct.25,2014* Landmark Spinning Industries
Oct.25,2014* Pakistan PVC
Oct.25,2014* Power Cement
Oct.25,2014* Safe Mix Concrete Products
Oct.25,2014* Sana Industries
Oct.25,2014* Shifa International Hospitals in (PK)
Oct.25,2014* United Distributors Pakistan
Oct.25,2014* Zavod Simferopol'sil'mash PAT
Oct.25,2014* Zephyr Textiles
Oct.26,2014* Argo Investments in (AU)
Oct.26,2014* Bank investytsii ta zaoschadzhen' PAT
Oct.26,2014* BYair Buildingoration 1988
Oct.26,2014* Egyptian Iron and SteelE in (EG)
Oct.26,2014* Export Investment in (IL)
Oct.26,2014* Freightways in Auckland (NZ)
Oct.26,2014* Middle East for Producing and Marketing Fish
Oct.26,2014* Mivtach Shamir Holdings in (IL)
Oct.26,2014* Nepco Star
Oct.26,2014* Palestine Islamic Bank in (PS)
Oct.26,2014* Sumatra Copper + Gold
Oct.26,2014* Union Bank of Israel in (IL)
Oct.27,2014* Administradora del Comercio
Oct.27,2014* Al Abid Silk Mills
Oct.27,2014* Al Ameen Financial Investment
Oct.27,2014* Alimtiaz Investment Group KSC
Oct.27,2014* Analabs Resources Bhd in (MY)
Oct.27,2014* AS Roma in (IT)
Oct.27,2014* Atcor Medical Holdings in (AU)
Oct.27,2014* Babri Cotton Mills
Oct.27,2014* Banco Sofisa in (BR)
Oct.27,2014* Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in Bendigo and Adelaide (AU)
Oct.27,2014* Berger Paints Pakistan
Oct.27,2014* Berjaya Land Bhd in (MY)
Oct.27,2014* Bhanero Textile Mills
Oct.27,2014* Bit Isle in (JP)
Oct.27,2014* Blessed Textiles
Oct.27,2014* Brasilagrompanhia Brasileira de Propriedades Agricolas in (BR)
Oct.27,2014* Bryanskoblgaz in (RU)
Oct.27,2014* Buryatzoloto in (RU)
Oct.27,2014* Buxly Paints
Oct.27,2014* Challenger in (AU)
Oct.27,2014* China Bio-Med Regeneration Technology in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.27,2014* China Zhongsheng Resources
Oct.27,2014* Chinese Global Investors Group
Oct.27,2014* City Of London Investment Trust in London (UK)
Oct.27,2014* Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Limited in (IL)
Oct.27,2014* Coffey International in (AU)
Oct.27,2014* Crown Tech Advance
Oct.27,2014* CTEEPmpanhia de Transmissao de Energia Eletrica Paulista in (BR)
Oct.27,2014* D Carnegie + Co in Stockholm (SE)
Oct.27,2014* DVM Technology Bhd in (MY)
Oct.27,2014* Electransumer Products in (IL)
Oct.27,2014* Electrometals Technologies
Oct.27,2014* Ellcot Spinning Mills
Oct.27,2014* Endymed in (IL)
Oct.27,2014 EURAZEO in Paris (FR)
Oct.27,2014* Faisal Spinning Mills
Oct.27,2014* FLEX LNG
Oct.27,2014* FreeSoft Szoftverfejleszto es Szamitastechnikai Szolgaltato in (HU)
Oct.27,2014* Gammon Pakistan
Oct.27,2014* Gasalarm ad Beograd
Oct.27,2014* Generation Healthcare REIT in (AU)
Oct.27,2014* Ghandhara Industries
Oct.27,2014* Ghazi Fabrics International
Oct.27,2014* Globe International in (AU)
Oct.27,2014* Grays Leasing
Oct.27,2014* GRP in (SG)
Oct.27,2014* Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon in (CN)
Oct.27,2014* GUD Holdings in Melbourne (AU)
Oct.27,2014* HTK Inturyst- Zakarpattia PAT
Oct.27,2014* India Resources
Oct.27,2014* Inglewood and Districts Community Enterprises
Oct.27,2014* Investors Holding Group KSCC in Safat (KW)
Oct.27,2014* IoI Properties Group Sdn Bhd
Oct.27,2014* IPC Oil and Gas Holdings in (IL)
Oct.27,2014* Isoteam
Oct.27,2014* Isrotel
Oct.27,2014* Jahorina Osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group ad Pale
Oct.27,2014* Janana De Malucho Textile Mills
Oct.27,2014* Jasmine International in (TH)
Oct.27,2014* JP Vodovod i Kanalizacija ad Rogatica
Oct.27,2014* Karbala Hotels
Oct.27,2014* Karoon Gas Australia in (AU)
Oct.27,2014* Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors in (IL)
Oct.27,2014* Memstar Technology in (SG)
Oct.27,2014* Mendelson Infrastructures and Industries
Oct.27,2014* Micro Focus International in (UK)
Oct.27,2014* Migdal Insurance And Financial Hldg in (IL)
Oct.27,2014* Mission Newenergy
Oct.27,2014* Murree Brewery
Oct.27,2014* Newcapital in (ZA)
Oct.27,2014* Nextnationmmunication Bhd in (MY)
Oct.27,2014* Norwegian Energympany in (NO)
Oct.27,2014* Novacyt
Oct.27,2014* Nyesa Valoresoracion in (ES)
Oct.27,2014* Oxley Holdings
Oct.27,2014 Panevezio Statybos Trestas in Lithuania (LT)
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