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Dec.02,2016* Taiwan Optical Platform Co
Dec.02,2016* Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk
Dec.02,2016* Top High Image in (TW)
Dec.02,2016* Triton Minerals in (AU)
Dec.02,2016* Wuhu Port Storage&Transportation in (CN)
Dec.02,2016* Yunnan Tourism in (CN)
Dec.02,2016* Zaklady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Moscicach in (PL)
Dec.02,2016* Zavodski Stroezhi Kozloduy AD Kozloduy
Dec.02,2016* Zhejiang Goldcard High-Tech
Dec.02,2016* Zhongshan Public Utilities Group in (CN)
Dec.04,2016* Datronix Holdings in (HK)
Dec.04,2016* Dhofar Fisheries and Food Industries Co in (OM)
Dec.04,2016* El Bader Plastic Co SAE
Dec.04,2016* National Bank of Iraq
Dec.04,2016* North Africa Co for Real Estate Investment SAE in (EG)
Dec.04,2016* Sai Global in Sydney (AU)
Dec.04,2016* Saudi Advanced Industries in Riyadh (SA)
Dec.05,2016* AC in (PL)
Dec.05,2016* AG in (DE)
Dec.05,2016* Albena AD Albena in (BG)
Dec.05,2016* Babis Vovos International Technical in (GR)
Dec.05,2016* Beijing Dinghan Technology in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Beijing Enlight Media Co in Beijing (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Beijing Miteno Communication Technology in Beijing (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Beijing Orient Landscape in Beijing (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Beijing Originwater Technology in Beijing (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Beijing Watertek Info Tech
Dec.05,2016* Cemacon in (RO)
Dec.05,2016* Changjiang Publishing + Media Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Chernomorski Holding AD Burgas
Dec.05,2016* China Datang Renewable Power
Dec.05,2016* China Zenix Auto International
Dec.05,2016* chnology in (CN)
Dec.05,2016 coloplast in (DK)
Dec.05,2016* Creative + Innovative System
Dec.05,2016* Dhc Software in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Dimnicar ad Beograd
Dec.05,2016* FMC Technologies
Dec.05,2016* Fujian CEE Installations in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Fujian Sanmu Group Co
Dec.05,2016* Genomic Vision
Dec.05,2016* Guangdong Dynavolt Power Tech
Dec.05,2016* Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Heilongjiang Tianlun Real Estate Development Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Huadong Medicine in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Huasu Holdings Co
Dec.05,2016* Huolinhe Opencutal Industry of Inner Mongolia in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Independent News And Media Public in (IE)
Dec.05,2016* Korea No.3 Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Dec.05,2016* LandOcean Energy Services in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Latvijas Tilti AS in (LV)
Dec.05,2016* LS Tech Homes
Dec.05,2016* Ma'ariv Holdings in (IL)
Dec.05,2016* Madara Europe AD Varna in (BG)
Dec.05,2016* Mainrom Line Logistics
Dec.05,2016* Minmetals Development in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Natura Quattuor Energia Holdings
Dec.05,2016* Ningbo Cixing
Dec.05,2016* Novacyt
Dec.05,2016* Qatar International Islamic Bank QSC in (QA)
Dec.05,2016* Qatar Islamic Insurance QSC in (QA)
Dec.05,2016* Regalpoint Resources
Dec.05,2016* Romnav
Dec.05,2016* Sanditon Investment Trust
Dec.05,2016* Sanjiang Shopping Club
Dec.05,2016* SCMP Group in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.05,2016* Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Sibneftegeofizika in (RU)
Dec.05,2016* Sichuan Huiyuan Optical Co Communications Co
Dec.05,2016* Sinotex Investment + Development Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* SVG Capital in London (UK)
Dec.05,2016 Technip in Paris (FR)
Dec.05,2016* Technology Liability Ltd in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Tianjin Songjiang Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Unirab Polvara Spinning and Weaving in (EG)
Dec.05,2016* Ves in (RO)
Dec.05,2016* Wuhan Thalys Medical Technology
Dec.05,2016* Xin Jiang Hops Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Xinhu Zhongbao in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Xuzhou Handler Special Vehicle
Dec.05,2016* Yangzhou Asiastar Bus Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Yuancheng Cable Co in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Zhayremskiy GOK AO
Dec.05,2016* Zhejiang East Crystal Electronic in (CN)
Dec.05,2016* Zhongxin Information
Dec.06,2016* Abadon Real Estate in (PL)
Dec.06,2016* Anshan Senyuan Road & Bridge
Dec.06,2016* Aspen Pharmacare Holdings in (ZA)
Dec.06,2016* Atlassian Corporation
Dec.06,2016* bebe stores inc
Dec.06,2016* Blirt
Dec.06,2016* Changlin in (CN)
Dec.06,2016* Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments
Dec.06,2016 Christian Dior in Paris (FR)
Dec.06,2016* Cninsure in (CN)
Dec.06,2016* Collectors Universe
Dec.06,2016 Colonia Real Estate in Hamburg (DE)
Dec.06,2016* Decoration
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