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Apr.26,2017* Willowglen MSC Bhd in (MY)
Apr.26,2017* Wilmar International in Singapore (SG)
Apr.26,2017* Wirtualna Polska Holding
Apr.26,2017* Xinjiang Haoyuan Natural Gas
Apr.26,2017* Xvivo Perfusion in (SE)
Apr.26,2017* Yeo Hiap Seng in (SG)
Apr.26,2017* YHI International in (SG)
Apr.26,2017* Yibin Tianyuan Group
Apr.26,2017* Yongnam Holdings in (SG)
Apr.26,2017* Zaporiz'kyi Vtormet PAT
Apr.26,2017* Zara Investment in (JO)
Apr.26,2017* Zavod Plastmas PAT
Apr.26,2017 Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group in Singapore (CN)
Apr.26,2017* Zhulianoration Bhd
Apr.27,2017* AA Group Holdings
Apr.27,2017 Acea in Rome (IT)
Apr.27,2017* ACSM-AGAM in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* ADDvise Lab Solutions in (SE)
Apr.27,2017* Advanced Holdings in (SG)
Apr.27,2017* Advantag
Apr.27,2017* Aedes Ligure Lombarda per Imprese estruzioni in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Aem Holdings in (SG)
Apr.27,2017* Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Affine in (FR)
Apr.27,2017* Agco in Duluth (US)
Apr.27,2017* Aggreko in (UK)
Apr.27,2017* Ahli BankOG
Apr.27,2017* Ahrokombank PAT
Apr.27,2017* AIE in (SG)
Apr.27,2017* Akorn
Apr.27,2017* Al Ahly for Development and Investment
Apr.27,2017* Al Bilad Medical Services in (JO)
Apr.27,2017* ale in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Aligera
Apr.27,2017 Allied Irish Banks in Cork (IE)
Apr.27,2017* Allied Technologies in Singapore (SG)
Apr.27,2017* Alsea in (MX)
Apr.27,2017* Alum
Apr.27,2017* Amad For Investment and Real Estate Development
Apr.27,2017* Amagasa in (JP)
Apr.27,2017* Ambromobiliare in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Ameren
Apr.27,2017* Amonil in (RO)
Apr.27,2017* Amylon
Apr.27,2017* Anadolu Efes Biracilik ve Malt Sanayii AS in (TR)
Apr.27,2017* Anima Holding in Milan (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Anthera Pharmaceuticals
Apr.27,2017* Apranga APB in (LT)
Apr.27,2017* Arab Bank Syria
Apr.27,2017* Arab Jordan Investment Bank
Apr.27,2017* ARCA-Continental in (MX)
Apr.27,2017* Arkan Al Kuwait Real Estate KSCC in Safat (KW)
Apr.27,2017* Armatura in (PL)
Apr.27,2017* Arnoldo Mondadori Editore in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Aros Quality Group in (SE)
Apr.27,2017* ArselorMittal Kryvyi Rih PAT
Apr.27,2017* Artemivs'kyi zavod po obrobtsi kol'orovykh metaliv PAT
Apr.27,2017* Artner in (JP)
Apr.27,2017* Asia Development (EDBM) in (IL)
Apr.27,2017* Asian Pay Television Trust
Apr.27,2017* Asian Property Development in (TH)
Apr.27,2017* Ask in (FR)
Apr.27,2017* Assurances Salim
Apr.27,2017* Astec Industries in (LI)
Apr.27,2017 Astrazeneca in London (UK)
Apr.27,2017* Atea in (NO)
Apr.27,2017* Atlantis in (PL)
Apr.27,2017* Atlas
Apr.27,2017* Atrium Real Estate Investment Trust in (MY)
Apr.27,2017* Avery Dennison
Apr.27,2017* Aviakompaniya Ural'skiye avialinii
Apr.27,2017* Ayen Enerji AS in (TR)
Apr.27,2017* Azimut Holding in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Azrieli Group
Apr.27,2017* B2Wmpanhia Global do Varejo in (BR)
Apr.27,2017* Baker Hughes
Apr.27,2017* Banca Comerciala Carpatica in Sibiu (RO)
Apr.27,2017* Banca Finnat Euramerica in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Banca Profilo in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Banca Sistema in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Banco do Brasil in (BR)
Apr.27,2017* Bangkok Life Assurance in (TH)
Apr.27,2017* Bank of Ayudhya in (TH)
Apr.27,2017* Bank Swadesi Tbk in (ID)
Apr.27,2017* Banque Cantonale Vaudoise in Lausanne (CH)
Apr.27,2017* Banque De Tunisie in (TN)
Apr.27,2017* Baoji Titanium Industry in (CN)
Apr.27,2017* Baoviet Holdings in (VN)
Apr.27,2017* Barco in (BE)
Apr.27,2017* Basic Net in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* Basilea Pharmaceutica in (CH)
Apr.27,2017* Bec World in (TH)
Apr.27,2017* Beijer Electronics in (SE)
Apr.27,2017* Berdychivs'ka fabryka odiahu PAT
Apr.27,2017* Berdychivs'kyi m''iasokombinat PAT
Apr.27,2017* Berendsen in (UK)
Apr.27,2017* Bermas in (RO)
Apr.27,2017* Best Union Company in (IT)
Apr.27,2017* BFW Liegenschaften in (CH)
Apr.27,2017* BIDV Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam in Hanoi (VN)
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