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Jul.29,2014* Kiwiome Property Trust in (NZ)
Jul.29,2014* Legg Mason
Jul.29,2014* Lottvision in Hongkong (HK)
Jul.29,2014* Mabuhay Holdings
Jul.29,2014* Magic Micro Co
Jul.29,2014* Mangalam Cement in (IN)
Jul.29,2014* Mayur Leather Products
Jul.29,2014* Methven
Jul.29,2014* Mics Chemical in (JP)
Jul.29,2014* Montagne et Neige Developpement
Jul.29,2014* Nadex in (JP)
Jul.29,2014* Namoi Cotton Co-Operative in (AU)
Jul.29,2014* Neophotonics
Jul.29,2014* Neto Malinda Trading
Jul.29,2014* Neto ME Holdings
Jul.29,2014* Network18 Media & Investments in (IN)
Jul.29,2014* Nippon Telephone in (JP)
Jul.29,2014* Orchestra Kazibao in (FR)
Jul.29,2014* Orient Ceramics And Industries
Jul.29,2014* Orsknefteorgsintez in (RU)
Jul.29,2014* Patagonia Gold in (UK)
Jul.29,2014* Persistent Systems
Jul.29,2014* Pharmacybrands in (NZ)
Jul.29,2014* Polyplex (Thailand) in (TH)
Jul.29,2014* R B Gupta Financials
Jul.29,2014* Raptor Pharmaceutical
Jul.29,2014* RBA Holdings in (ZA)
Jul.29,2014* Restamax Oyj in (FI)
Jul.29,2014* Rock Field in (JP)
Jul.29,2014* Sakuma Exports in (IN)
Jul.29,2014* Santova Logistics in (ZA)
Jul.29,2014* Sedlbauer in (D)
Jul.29,2014* Singapore Shipping in (SG)
Jul.29,2014* Singxpress Land in Singapore (SG)
Jul.29,2014* SNL Bearings
Jul.29,2014* Stamford Landoration in (SG)
Jul.29,2014* Swing Media Technology Group in (HK)
Jul.29,2014* Taste Holdings in (ZA)
Jul.29,2014* Top Ramdor Systems andmputers 1990 in (IL)
Jul.29,2014* Tritech Group
Jul.29,2014* TV18 Broadcast in (IN)
Jul.29,2014* Union Jack Oil
Jul.29,2014* V Guard Industries
Jul.29,2014* Valuetronics Holdings in (HK)
Jul.29,2014* Veritas in (D)
Jul.29,2014 Vodafone in London (GB)
Jul.29,2014* Wardinon Real Estate and Investments
Jul.29,2014* Weizmann
Jul.30,2014* 3one Co in (KR)
Jul.30,2014* ACUVAX
Jul.30,2014* Addvalue Technologies in Singapore (SG)
Jul.30,2014* AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* Ain Pharmaciez in (JP)
Jul.30,2014* Al Firdous Holdings PJSC
Jul.30,2014* Alliant Techsystems
Jul.30,2014* America\'s CAR-MART in (US)
Jul.30,2014* Aovo Touristik
Jul.30,2014* Artivision Technologies
Jul.30,2014* Arvind in (IN)
Jul.30,2014* Asian Hotels East
Jul.30,2014* Bangkok Land in (TH)
Jul.30,2014* Blackrock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust
Jul.30,2014* BlackRock Global Opportunities Equity Trust
Jul.30,2014* Borneo Oil Bhd
Jul.30,2014* Brill Shoe Industries in (IL)
Jul.30,2014* Bucur
Jul.30,2014* CA Technologies in New York (US)
Jul.30,2014* Cadila Healthcare in (IN)
Jul.30,2014* Can Fin Homes
Jul.30,2014* Cityspring Infrastructure Trust in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* CML Microsystems in (UK)
Jul.30,2014* Confidence International in (SE)
Jul.30,2014* Constantin Medien in Munich (D)
Jul.30,2014* Cortina Holdings in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* Courts Asia
Jul.30,2014* Eastern Holdings in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* EEMS Italia in (IT)
Jul.30,2014* Elektromotive Group in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* Emerald Oil and Gas NL
Jul.30,2014* ETView Medical
Jul.30,2014* Everest Organics
Jul.30,2014* Falcon Energy Group in Singapore (SG)
Jul.30,2014* First Growth Funds in (AU)
Jul.30,2014* Fischer Tech in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* Forte Energy NL
Jul.30,2014* Freebit in (JP)
Jul.30,2014 gas natural in Barcelona (ES)
Jul.30,2014* Genvon Group
Jul.30,2014* Global Ports Investments
Jul.30,2014* Global Yellow Pages in Singapore (SG)
Jul.30,2014* Gold Road Resources
Jul.30,2014* GP Batteries International in (SG)
Jul.30,2014* Igarashi Motors India
Jul.30,2014* India Infoline in (IN)
Jul.30,2014* Infinio Group in Singapore (SG)
Jul.30,2014* ING US
Jul.30,2014* Inspire in (JP)
Jul.30,2014* IPCA Laboratories in (IN)
Jul.30,2014* James Cropper in (UK)
Jul.30,2014* Jindal Steel And Power in (IN)
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