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Oct.20,2014* Wadi Kom Ombo Land Reclamation Co EAS in (EG)
Oct.20,2014* WHK Group in (AU)
Oct.20,2014* Wotif.com Holdings in (AU)
Oct.20,2014* YmagisS
Oct.21,2014* Airwork Holdings
Oct.21,2014* Arbul Entegre Tekstil Isletmeleri AS
Oct.21,2014* Avance Gas Holding
Oct.21,2014* Averbuch Formica Center in (IL)
Oct.21,2014* B Gaon Holdings
Oct.21,2014* Befimmo SCA in (BE)
Oct.21,2014* Biomedix Incubator
Oct.21,2014* Bradken in (AU)
Oct.21,2014* Burshane LPG Pakistan
Oct.21,2014* Cairo for Oil and Soap Co SAE in (EG)
Oct.21,2014* CEFC International
Oct.21,2014* China National Materials in (CN)
Oct.21,2014* Cintas
Oct.21,2014* Companhia De Saneamento De Minas Geraispasa Mg in (BR)
Oct.21,2014* D Pharm in (IL)
Oct.21,2014* E Schnapp and Works
Oct.21,2014* E-Star Alternativ in (HU)
Oct.21,2014 ENDESA in Madrid (ES)
Oct.21,2014* Farmacias Ahumada
Oct.21,2014* Foyer in Luxemburg (LU)
Oct.21,2014* Global Investment House KSCC in Safat (KW)
Oct.21,2014* Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) in (HK)
Oct.21,2014* Golden Meditech Holdings in (CN)
Oct.21,2014 Goldis Bhd in (MY)
Oct.21,2014* Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology in (CN)
Oct.21,2014* Hellaby Holding in (NZ)
Oct.21,2014* Hopewell Highway Infrastructure in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.21,2014* Hopewell Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.21,2014* Hoteli Podgora
Oct.21,2014* Indus Motor
Oct.21,2014* Isal Amlat Investments 1993 in (IL)
Oct.21,2014* Issta Lines in (IL)
Oct.21,2014* KS Energy in Singapore (SG)
Oct.21,2014* Kurskgaz in (RU)
Oct.21,2014* Livestock Improvement in (NZ)
Oct.21,2014* Malam Team
Oct.21,2014* Mcmillan Shakespeare in (AU)
Oct.21,2014* Mercurymputer Systems
Oct.21,2014* Mistras Group
Oct.21,2014* Nisko Electricity and Electronics
Oct.21,2014* Orient Paper
Oct.21,2014 Origin Energy in Sydney (AU)
Oct.21,2014* ORIX Leasing Pakistan
Oct.21,2014* Pakistan Refinery in (PK)
Oct.21,2014* Partner communications company in Rosh Ha ayin (IL)
Oct.21,2014* Pintaras Jaya Bhd in (MY)
Oct.21,2014* Polygon Realestate
Oct.21,2014* Saizen Real Estate Investment Trust
Oct.21,2014* Saudi Egyptian Investment and FinanceE in (EG)
Oct.21,2014* Seeing Machines in (AU)
Oct.21,2014* Service Stream
Oct.21,2014* SMI
Oct.21,2014* St James Holdings
Oct.21,2014* Univision Engineering in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.21,2014* Vernum Bank PAT
Oct.21,2014* Wescoal Holdings in (ZA)
Oct.21,2014* Zhengzhou Yutong Bus in (CN)
Oct.22,2014* Abaxis
Oct.22,2014* AGL Energy in (AU)
Oct.22,2014* Al Zawraa Financial Investment
Oct.22,2014* Alior Bank in (PL)
Oct.22,2014* Amcor in (AU)
Oct.22,2014* Angel Estrada ympania in (AR)
Oct.22,2014* Anglo Philippine Holdings in (PH)
Oct.22,2014* Anhui Fengyuan Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Oct.22,2014* ARB Holdings in (ZA)
Oct.22,2014* Armstrong Jones Office Fund in (AU)
Oct.22,2014* Ascent Solar Technologies
Oct.22,2014* Ashtrom Properties in (IL)
Oct.22,2014* Azovmash PAT
Oct.22,2014* Bco Estado De Sergipe Sa Banese in (BR)
Oct.22,2014* Bega Cheese
Oct.22,2014* BlackWall Property Funds
Oct.22,2014* Boom Logistics in (AU)
Oct.22,2014* Carlton Investments in (AU)
Oct.22,2014* Cavico Minerals & Industry Joint Stock in (VN)
Oct.22,2014* Centrale Laitiere
Oct.22,2014* Cheops Technology France in (FR)
Oct.22,2014* Chimcomplex SA Borzesti
Oct.22,2014* Commstrat
Oct.22,2014* Concurrentmputer
Oct.22,2014* Dimet Siam in (TH)
Oct.22,2014* Distell Group in (ZA)
Oct.22,2014* Eneovia in (FR)
Oct.22,2014* Fiducian Portfolio Services
Oct.22,2014* FinnAust Mining
Oct.22,2014* Fiplasto in (AR)
Oct.22,2014* First IBL Modaraba
Oct.22,2014* First Imrooz Modaraba
Oct.22,2014* First UDL Modaraba
Oct.22,2014* Formuepleje Optimum in (DK)
Oct.22,2014* Formuepleje Pareto in (DK)
Oct.22,2014* Formuepleje Safe in (DK)
Oct.22,2014* FuturAqua Asvanyviztermelo es Vagyonkezelo
Oct.22,2014* General Company for Paper Industry in (EG)
Oct.22,2014* Gharibwal Cement
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