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Oct.31,2014* Pegasus Entertainment Holdings
Oct.31,2014* Pertrak
Oct.31,2014* Pervez Ahmed Securities
Oct.31,2014* Photon Group in (AU)
Oct.31,2014* Picnicoration in (TH)
Oct.31,2014* Projektomontaza ad Beograd
Oct.31,2014* Prompt Participacoes
Oct.31,2014* Qingmei Group Holdings
Oct.31,2014* Quetta Textile Mills
Oct.31,2014* Quice Food Industries
Oct.31,2014* Ravi Textile Mills
Oct.31,2014* Redco Textiles
Oct.31,2014* Renaissance Minerals
Oct.31,2014* Resham Textile Industries
Oct.31,2014* Rolfes Technology Hldg
Oct.31,2014* Ruby Textile Mills
Oct.31,2014* S S Oil Mills
Oct.31,2014* Sally Textile Mills
Oct.31,2014* Salman Noman Enterprises
Oct.31,2014* Sao Martinho S/A in (BR)
Oct.31,2014* Sargodha Spinning Mills
Oct.31,2014* Saritow Spinning Mills
Oct.31,2014* Sebryakovtsement in (RU)
Oct.31,2014* Shadab Textile Mills
Oct.31,2014* Shaffi Chemical Industries
Oct.31,2014* Shahtaj Textile
Oct.31,2014* Shenhua International
Oct.31,2014* Simsen International in (HK)
Oct.31,2014* Singapura Finance in Singapore (SG)
Oct.31,2014* Southern Electric Power Co
Oct.31,2014* Suhail Jute Mills
Oct.31,2014* SUNeVision Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.31,2014* Suning Appliance in (CN)
Oct.31,2014* Swee Hong
Oct.31,2014* Syswave in (JP)
Oct.31,2014* Tai Sin Electric
Oct.31,2014* Teho International in (SG)
Oct.31,2014* TeleEye Holdings
Oct.31,2014* Tera Semicon
Oct.31,2014* Tonnellerie Francois Freres in (FR)
Oct.31,2014* Treet
Oct.31,2014* TRG Pakistan
Oct.31,2014* Tulachermet in (RU)
Oct.31,2014* Union Bank of Iraq PSC
Oct.31,2014* UPI Poslovni Sistem dd Sarajevo
Oct.31,2014* Var'yeganneft' in (RU)
Nov.01,2014* Arab Assurers in Amman (JO)
Nov.01,2014* Daiwa House Reit Investment in (JP)
Nov.01,2014* Jet Airways India in (IN)
Nov.02,2014* Emerson Stewart Group
Nov.02,2014* KGL Logistics KSCC
Nov.02,2014* Menora Mivtachim Holdings
Nov.02,2014* Zicom Group
Nov.03,2014* Abcam in Cambridge (UK)
Nov.03,2014* Ackermans en van Haaren in (BE)
Nov.03,2014* Adventus Holdings
Nov.03,2014* Al Mal Investment KSCC in Safat (KW)
Nov.03,2014* Avalon Minerals
Nov.03,2014* Avrot Industries in (IL)
Nov.03,2014* Boost Issuer
Nov.03,2014* BTA Bank AO in (RU)
Nov.03,2014* China Water Affairs Group
Nov.03,2014* Crealogix Holding in Zurich (CH)
Nov.03,2014* E Schnapp and Works
Nov.03,2014* Ecosave Holdings
Nov.03,2014* Fareast Islami Life Insurancempany
Nov.03,2014* First National Bank of Botswana in (BW)
Nov.03,2014* Fonciere Developpement Logements in (FR)
Nov.03,2014* GRM Overseas With Part IX
Nov.03,2014* Hibernia REIT
Nov.03,2014* Hills Holdings in (AU)
Nov.03,2014* Insas Bhd
Nov.03,2014* Invest Banka Montenegro ad Podgorica
Nov.03,2014* Kangmei Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Nov.03,2014* KBB Resources Bhd in (MY)
Nov.03,2014* Kin Mining NL in (AU)
Nov.03,2014* Kordellos Ch Bros in (GR)
Nov.03,2014* London-Almaty Strakhovaya kompaniya Dochernyaya organizatsiya AO BTA Bank AO in (KZ)
Nov.03,2014* Mefin SA Sinaia in (RO)
Nov.03,2014* Neo Industrial Oyj in (FI)
Nov.03,2014* New World Resources in (NL)
Nov.03,2014* New Zealand Oil And Gas in (NZ)
Nov.03,2014* Nitin Fire Protection Industries
Nov.03,2014* North Energy in (NO)
Nov.03,2014* Openwave Systems
Nov.03,2014* OT Optima Telekom in (HR)
Nov.03,2014* Prestariang Bhd
Nov.03,2014* Prodlacta in (RO)
Nov.03,2014* Remarul 16 Februarie
Nov.03,2014* Ropharma in (RO)
Nov.03,2014* Sinclair IS Pharma in (UK)
Nov.03,2014* Societa Aereoporto ToscanoT Galileo Galilei in (IT)
Nov.03,2014* Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust in (HK)
Nov.03,2014* Theolia in (FR)
Nov.03,2014* Tianjin Tianlian Public Utilities
Nov.03,2014* Tomskgazstroy in (RU)
Nov.03,2014* Transgex
Nov.03,2014* Truworths International in (ZA)
Nov.03,2014* Urologix
Nov.03,2014* Vodovod JP ad Gacko
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