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Jan.28,2015* Thoresen Thai Agencies in (TH)
Jan.28,2015* Visa
Jan.28,2015* Xinjiang Joinworld in (CN)
Jan.29,2015* A Online Capital (AOC)
Jan.29,2015* Al Zawraa Financial Investment
Jan.29,2015* Alro in (RO)
Jan.29,2015* Amplifon in (IT)
Jan.29,2015* Ashland
Jan.29,2015* Astaldi in (IT)
Jan.29,2015* Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
Jan.29,2015* Avon Rubber in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Axiom Mining
Jan.29,2015* Baobab Resources
Jan.29,2015* Bega Utilaje Constructii
Jan.29,2015* Beijing Capital Development in Beijing (CN)
Jan.29,2015* Bergearth
Jan.29,2015* Biocancell
Jan.29,2015* BSP Biological Signal Processing in (IL)
Jan.29,2015* Btu International
Jan.29,2015* CATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund
Jan.29,2015* Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo -BESP in (BR)
Jan.29,2015* Cudeco in (AU)
Jan.29,2015* Dewan Sugar Mills
Jan.29,2015* Dwi Aneka Jaya Kemasindo
Jan.29,2015* Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Efficient Group in (ZA)
Jan.29,2015* Equatorial Palm Oil
Jan.29,2015* Euromoney Institutional Investor in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Faran Sugar Mills
Jan.29,2015* Fuji in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Globalnstruction Services in (AU)
Jan.29,2015* Goodland Group in (SG)
Jan.29,2015* Griffon
Jan.29,2015* Higashi Nihon House in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* His in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Homestreet
Jan.29,2015* IDAS Istanbul Doseme Sanayii AS in (TR)
Jan.29,2015* IKK in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Inoue Rubber (Thailand) in (TH)
Jan.29,2015* Israel Petrochemical Enterprises in (IL)
Jan.29,2015* ITE Group in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Jacobs Engineering Group
Jan.29,2015* Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber Co
Jan.29,2015* JP 9 Septembar dd Srebrenik
Jan.29,2015* JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust in London (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Kafrit Industries 1993 in (IL)
Jan.29,2015* KANAMOTO CO in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Keong HKeong Hong Holdings
Jan.29,2015* Kljuc ad Kladovo
Jan.29,2015* Kobayashi Metals in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Kumiai Chemical Industry in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Kura in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Laclede Group
Jan.29,2015* Land & Leisure in (DK)
Jan.29,2015* Livanis Publications in (GR)
Jan.29,2015* LONGLIFE HOLDING in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Lonmin in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Marathon Investments in (IL)
Jan.29,2015* Maslavinstructionmpany
Jan.29,2015* Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills in (PK)
Jan.29,2015* Mirza Sugar Mills
Jan.29,2015* Mitchells and Butlers in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* NanJing Pharmaceutical in (CN)
Jan.29,2015* Ohara in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Orvis in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Palace Industries PI
Jan.29,2015* PanAsialum Holdings
Jan.29,2015* Panterra Gold
Jan.29,2015* PNE Micron Holdings in (SG)
Jan.29,2015* Post Holdings
Jan.29,2015* Premier African Minerals
Jan.29,2015* Redefine International in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Sally Beauty Holdings
Jan.29,2015* Sateri Holdings
Jan.29,2015* Scailexoration
Jan.29,2015* Scotts Miracle Gro
Jan.29,2015* SENSHU ELECTRIC CO in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Shahjibazar Power Co
Jan.29,2015* Shahtaj Sugar Mills
Jan.29,2015* Shakarganj Mills in (PK)
Jan.29,2015* Shemen Oil and Gas Resources
Jan.29,2015* SHOEI FOODS CORP in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Sindh Abadgar's Sugar Mills
Jan.29,2015* Sinnerschrader in (D)
Jan.29,2015* Sinotrans Air Transportation Development in (CN)
Jan.29,2015* Smart Union Group Holdings
Jan.29,2015* Sonic in (AU)
Jan.29,2015* Tasaki & in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Tembec Holdings
Jan.29,2015* The Pacific Securities in (CN)
Jan.29,2015* Tomoe Engineering in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Tsuchiya Holdings in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* TTL Industries
Jan.29,2015* Ugi
Jan.29,2015* Uni Chem in (KR)
Jan.29,2015 VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie in Leipzig (D)
Compliance Statement
Jan.29,2015 Visual China Group Co in Changzhou (CN)
Jan.29,2015* Weather Lottery in (UK)
Jan.29,2015* Wellco in (JP)
Jan.29,2015* Xi An Aero Engine in (CN)
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