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Nov.21,2014* Navarre Minerals in (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Ngai Hing Hong in (HK)
Nov.21,2014* Nickelore
Nov.21,2014* Northern Manganese
Nov.21,2014* Olympia Capital Holdings ltd in (KE)
Nov.21,2014* Pact Group Holdings
Nov.21,2014* Pact Group Pty
Nov.21,2014* Pan African Resources in (UK)
Nov.21,2014* Panoramic Resources in Perth (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Perseus Mining in (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Primeserv Group in (ZA)
Nov.21,2014* Q & M Dental Group Singapore in Singapore (SG)
Nov.21,2014* Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.21,2014* Rawson Resources
Nov.21,2014* Redbank Energy in (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Rich Asia Steel
Nov.21,2014* Ridley in (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Risesun Real Estate Development in (CN)
Nov.21,2014* RMB Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.21,2014* SAIC Motor in (CN)
Nov.21,2014* Select Harvests in (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Sever Holding AD Sofia
Nov.21,2014* Shandong Expressway in (CN)
Nov.21,2014* Shaw River Manganese
Nov.21,2014* Sibneftegeofizika in (RU)
Nov.21,2014* Silk Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Nov.21,2014* Southern Steel Bhd in (MY)
Nov.21,2014* Stonewall Resources
Nov.21,2014* Target Energy
Nov.21,2014* Taung Gold International in (HK)
Nov.21,2014* Taurus Energy publ
Nov.21,2014* TF + JH Braime Holdings in (NO)
Nov.21,2014* The Light Industries
Nov.21,2014* Trafford Resources
Nov.21,2014* Transmissora Alianca de Energia Eletrica in (BR)
Nov.21,2014* Vision Group Holdings in Melbourne (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Vitaminka AD Prilep
Nov.21,2014* Wag in (AU)
Nov.21,2014* Wikana in (PL)
Nov.21,2014* Windward Resources
Nov.21,2014* Wisconsin Energy
Nov.21,2014* Yongnam Holdings in (SG)
Nov.21,2014* Zalman Tech Co in (KR)
Nov.21,2014* Zenith Minerals in (AU)
Nov.22,2014* Asya Katilim Bankasi AS in (TR)
Nov.22,2014* Duc Long Gia Lai Group Joint Stock
Nov.22,2014* Hexzaoration Bhd
Nov.22,2014* Mani in (JP)
Nov.23,2014* Aeon Metals
Nov.23,2014* Arabian Cement
Nov.23,2014* Beltone Financial Holding SAE
Nov.23,2014* Bina Darulaman Bhd in (MY)
Nov.23,2014* Bioprospect
Nov.23,2014* Cybele
Nov.23,2014* Eureka Group Holdings
Nov.23,2014* Hot Rock
Nov.23,2014* Invest Nexus
Nov.23,2014* Kidman Resources
Nov.23,2014* Kollakorn Corporation
Nov.23,2014* Mint Wireless
Nov.23,2014* Orchid Capital
Nov.23,2014* Orthocell
Nov.23,2014* Prime Financial Group
Nov.23,2014* Qatar InsuranceQ in (QA)
Nov.23,2014* Rum Aladdin for Engineering Industries
Nov.23,2014* Skyline International Development
Nov.23,2014* Stg International in (IL)
Nov.23,2014* Syngas
Nov.23,2014* Tefen Industrial Engineering Management and Systems Analysis in (IL)
Nov.23,2014* TUC Resources
Nov.24,2014* Abano Healthcare Group in (NZ)
Nov.24,2014* Adavale Resources in (AU)
Nov.24,2014* Ahrokombank PAT
Nov.24,2014* Algae Tec
Nov.24,2014* Allied Farmers in Hawera (NZ)
Nov.24,2014* American Patriot Oil + Gas
Nov.24,2014* Amlin in (UK)
Nov.24,2014* Amur Minerals in (UK)
Nov.24,2014* Aquila Resources
Nov.24,2014* Argo Exploration
Nov.24,2014* Aspire Mining
Nov.24,2014* Assore in (ZA)
Nov.24,2014* Attila Resources
Nov.24,2014* Austbrokers Holdings in (AU)
Nov.24,2014* Australian Pacific Coal
Nov.24,2014* Avation
Nov.24,2014* Avicola Buzau in (RO)
Nov.24,2014* Backa ad Sivac u restrukturiranju
Nov.24,2014* Baghdad, Iraq for Public Transport and Real Estate Investments Mixed
Nov.24,2014* Bayside Landoration in (IL)
Nov.24,2014* Beijing Hualu Baina Film & TV in Beijing (CN)
Nov.24,2014* BKM Management
Nov.24,2014* BluGlass
Nov.24,2014* BMG Resources
Nov.24,2014* Brumby Resources
Nov.24,2014* Bukit Uluwatu Villa Tbk
Nov.24,2014* BVB Borussia Dortmund GmbH&Co KGaA in Dortmund (D)
Compliance Statement
Nov.24,2014* Bw Plantation Tbk in (ID)
Nov.24,2014* C @ in (AU)
Nov.24,2014* Callabonna Resources
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