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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Aug.20,2018* Deson Development International Holdings in (HK)
Aug.20,2018* EBC Solicitors
Aug.20,2018* Genesis Energy in (PL)
Aug.20,2018* ICL Israel Chemicals in (IL)
Aug.20,2018* iKang Healthcare Group
Aug.20,2018* IT
Aug.20,2018* KP Vodovod i Kanalizacija ad Samac
Aug.20,2018* Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings in (HK)
Aug.20,2018* LIC Housing Finance in (IN)
Aug.20,2018* Microware Group
Aug.20,2018* Nam Cheong in (CN)
Aug.20,2018* Ophir Energy
Aug.20,2018* Pectinatus
Aug.20,2018* Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation
Aug.20,2018* Site in (PL)
Aug.20,2018* Speed Apparel Holding
Aug.20,2018* Sundaram Clayton in (IN)
Aug.20,2018* Susumanzoloto in (RU)
Aug.20,2018* Union Medical Healthcare
Aug.20,2018* United Microelectronics in (TW)
Aug.20,2018* Vilniaus Baldai in (LT)
Aug.20,2018* Vistar Holdings
Aug.20,2018* VTB Bank PAT in (UA)
Aug.20,2018* Zrak Optoelektronika ad Teslic
Aug.21,2018* A-Rank Bhd in (MY)
Aug.21,2018* Admiral Boats
Aug.21,2018* Africa Israel Investments in (IL)
Aug.21,2018* Avenir Telecom in (FR)
Aug.21,2018* AwoX
Aug.21,2018* Baytex Energy in Calgary (CA)
Aug.21,2018* China South City Holdings in (HK)
Aug.21,2018* Dongil Rubber Belt in (KR)
Aug.21,2018* Hanisonnstruction Holdings in (HK)
Aug.21,2018* Highlands Natural Resources
Aug.21,2018* Honeysco in (JP)
Aug.21,2018* Hyunjin Materials in (KR)
Aug.21,2018* Idea Bank PAT
Aug.21,2018* INTERBUD LUBLIN in (PL)
Aug.21,2018* Jia Meng Holdings
Aug.21,2018* Kingston Financial Group
Aug.21,2018* Korea Gas in (KR)
Aug.21,2018* Kurzemes CMAS AS in (LV)
Aug.21,2018* Livermore Invesments Group in (UK)
Aug.21,2018* Marathon Resources
Aug.21,2018* Micro Focus International in (UK)
Aug.21,2018* Mobile Max Technologies
Aug.21,2018* Nan Nan Resources Enterprise in (MY)
Aug.21,2018* New Century Group Hong Kong in (HK)
Aug.21,2018* New Relic
Aug.21,2018* NPO Iskra PAO in (RU)
Aug.21,2018* NVP Smilians'kyi elektromekhanichnyi zavod PAT
Aug.21,2018* PayGroup
Aug.21,2018* Savo Solar Oyj in (FI)
Aug.21,2018* Transdermal Asia Holdings Co in (KR)
Aug.21,2018* Z-Obee Holdings
Aug.22,2018* 3 Maj Brodogradiliste
Aug.22,2018* Alco Holdings in (HK)
Aug.22,2018* BSE Holdings Co in (KR)
Aug.22,2018* C Cheng Holdings
Aug.22,2018* Chen Hsong Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2018* China Gas Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2018* Culturecom Holdings in (HK)
Aug.22,2018* Daikokuten bussan in Kurashiki (JP)
Aug.22,2018* ELIKRAFT Elektrische Licht und Kraftanlagen in Borken (DE)
Aug.22,2018* EMC Instytut Medyczny in (PL)
Aug.22,2018* EQL Pharma
Aug.22,2018* Global Resources Investment Trust
Aug.22,2018* Gradiska Trznica ad Gradiska
Aug.22,2018* Gulliver Energy
Aug.22,2018* Hazelwood Resources in (AU)
Aug.22,2018* Helen Of Troy in (US)
Aug.22,2018* HKR International in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2018* Ik in (JP)
Aug.22,2018* KFM Kingdom Holdings
Aug.22,2018* Kingmaker Footwear Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2018* Leader Capital Markets in (IL)
Aug.22,2018* Leed
Aug.22,2018* Ludan Engineering in (IL)
Aug.22,2018* MAINICHI COMNET CO in (JP)
Aug.22,2018* Mount Magnet South NL in (AU)
Aug.22,2018* Natural Resource Holdings in (IL)
Aug.22,2018* Neolife
Aug.22,2018* Ocean One Holding
Aug.22,2018* Oomitsu
Aug.22,2018* Oracle Japan in (JP)
Aug.22,2018* Rightmove in (UK)
Aug.22,2018* Sing On Holdings
Aug.22,2018* Singamasntainer Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2018* Top Standard
Aug.22,2018* Universe Printshop Holdings
Aug.22,2018* Yuk Wing Group Holdings
Aug.23,2018* ABO Invest
Aug.23,2018* Advancer Global
Aug.23,2018* Amerco
Aug.23,2018* American Woodmark
Aug.23,2018* AP Rentals Holdings
Aug.23,2018* Appeninn Vagyonkezelo Holding
Aug.23,2018* Asia Grocery Distribution
Aug.23,2018* Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Aug.23,2018* Chimcomplex SA Borzesti in Bacau (RO)
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