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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Apr.21,2022* Kudelski in (CH)
Apr.22,2022 Bank Linth LLB in Rapperswil-Jona (CH)
Apr.22,2022* Televerbier in (CH)
Apr.26,2022* Conzzeta in Zurich (CH)
Apr.29,2022* Elica in (CH)
Apr.29,2022* Genolier Swiss Medical Network in (CH)
May.06,2022* Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AG in (AT)
May.06,2022* nebag ag in (CH)
May.16,2022* BKW in (CH)
May.17,2022 OBERBANK in Linz (AT)
May.18,2022* Alpine Select in Zug (CH)
May.20,2022* Adval Tech Holding in (CH)
May.20,2022 Berchtesgadener Bergbahn in Schoenau (AT)
May.20,2022* Peach Property Group in Zurich (CH)
May.20,2022 Phoenix Mecano in Stein am Rhein (CH)
May.20,2022* VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP (Wiener Staedtische Versicherung) AG in Vienna (AT)
May.23,2022* UNIQA Insurance Group AG in Vienna (AT)
May.24,2022* The Swatch Group in Biel (CH)
May.25,2022 BKS Bank AG in Klagenfurt (AT)
May.25,2022* Partners Group Holding in Baar-Zug (CH)
May.25,2022* Temenos Group in Geneva (CH)
May.27,2022 FLUGHAFEN WIEN AG in (AT)
Compliance Statement
May.27,2022* SE Swiss Estates in (CH)
Jun.02,2022 Frequentis in Wien (AT)
Jun.02,2022 Weatherford International in Geneva (CH)
Jun.03,2022 OMV in Vienna (AT)
Jun.08,2022 Quanmax AG in Linz (AT)
Jun.10,2022 STRABAG in Vienna (AT)
Jun.15,2022 Marinomed Biotech in Vienna (AT)
Jun.15,2022* Ober in (AT)
Jun.15,2022 Sonova Holding in Zurich (CH)
Jun.16,2022* Informa in (CH)
Jun.17,2022 Allgemeine Baugesellschaft - A.Porr AG in Wien (AT)
Jun.22,2022* Netfonds in (D)
Jun.23,2022 EDAG Engineering Group in Arbon (CH)
Jun.24,2022 ams AG - austria micro systems - in Premstaetten (AT)
Jun.24,2022* Clariant in Basel (CH)
Jun.27,2022 Telekom Austria AG in Wien (AT)
Jun.29,2022* CAT oil in Vienna (AT)
Jun.30,2022* Lem Holding in (CH)
Jul.01,2022 FACC in Ried im Innkreis (AT)
Jul.04,2022* DO & CO Restaurants & Catering in (AT)
Jul.06,2022* Hydro Exploitations in (CH)
Jul.06,2022 Voestalpine AG in Linz (AT)
Jul.07,2022 AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtech. AG in Loeben (AT)
Jul.08,2022 Agrana Beteiligungs-AG in (AT)
Jul.12,2022 immofinanz in Vienna (AT)
Jul.29,2022* Zumtobel AG in (AT)
Aug.13,2022* Ems Chemie Holding in (CH)
Sep.07,2022* Richemont in Geneva (CH)
Sep.08,2022 Kapsch TrafficCom AG in (AT)
Sep.14,2022* Logitech International in Apples/Lausanne (CH)
Sep.14,2022* Warimpex Finanz Und Beteiligungs in (AT)
Oct.11,2022* dorma+kaba Holding in Ruemlang (CH)
Nov.17,2022* Aryzta in Duebendorf (CH)
Dec.07,2022* Datacolor in (CH)
Dec.14,2022* Barry Callebaut in Zurich (CH)
Jan.11,2023* Schaffner Holding in Solothurn (CH)
Feb.03,2023* EVN AG in Maria Enzersdorf (AT)
Mar.03,2023* Novartis in Basel (CH)
Mar.07,2023* Daetwyler Holding in Altdorf (CH)
Mar.09,2023* Tyco International in Zurich (CH)
Mar.10,2023* Burgenland Holding in Eisenstadt (AT)
Mar.14,2023 Roche in Basel (CH)
Compliance Statement
Mar.17,2023* Also Actebis Holding in (CH)
Mar.21,2023* Swiss Prime Site in (CH)
Mar.22,2023* Bellevue Group in (CH)
Mar.23,2023 BB Biotech in Schaffhausen (CH)
Mar.24,2023 ABB Asea Brown Boveri in Zurich (CH)
Mar.24,2023* Givaudan in Geneva (CH)
Mar.27,2023* Belimo Holding in (CH)
Mar.28,2023 BAWAG Group in Vienna (AT)
Mar.28,2023* Schindler Holding in (CH)
Mar.28,2023* Sika in Cham (CH)
Mar.29,2023* Implenia in (CH)
Mar.29,2023* SGS in Geneva (CH)
Mar.30,2023* Bobst Group in (CH)
Mar.30,2023* Forbo Holding in (CH)
Mar.30,2023* Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG in (AT)
Mar.30,2023 Swisscom in Fribourg (CH)
Mar.30,2023* Walter Meier in (CH)
Mar.31,2023* Raiffeisen Bank International AG in Vienna (AT)
Apr.04,2023* Credit Suisse in Horgen (CH)
Apr.04,2023* Vontobel Holding in Zurich (CH)
Apr.05,2023 OERLIKON in Pfaeffikon (CH)
Apr.05,2023* PSP Swiss Property in Zurich (CH)
Apr.05,2023* Straumann Holding in (CH)
Apr.06,2023 SULZER in Winterthur (CH)
Apr.06,2023 UBS Group in Basel (CH)
Apr.06,2023* ZFS Zurich Fin.Serv. in Zürich (CH)
Apr.07,2023* Andritz AG in Graz (AT)
Apr.11,2023* Bossard Holding in (CH)
Apr.11,2023* Mobimo Holding in (CH)
Apr.12,2023* Komax Holding in Lucerne (CH)
Apr.12,2023* Swiss Re in Zurich (CH)
Compliance Statement
Apr.12,2023* Tecan Group in (CH)
Apr.12,2023* Zug Estates Holding in (CH)
Apr.13,2023 Adecco in Lausanne (CH)
Apr.13,2023* Basilea Pharmaceutica in Basel (CH)
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